Top 5 best ASUS video cards


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Buying a video card isn’t easy — unless you’re rich. In which case, just get the most recent one available, and you’re set! But if you’re a common mortal like most of us, you have to do some market research and choose the best graphics card for your needs. Take into account the price, performance, and compatibility. Also, think about future usage, upgradability, and connectivity. Here are a few basic questions you’ll have to ask yourself:

  • What motherboard am I going to use for this rig? Does it have PCle x16 slots?
  • Most video cards need a minimum supply of 500 watts, is my power supply sufficient?
  • Is my monitor capable of handling the resolution and refresh rate of the card?
  • VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPorts. What kind of connectivity ports will I get? Read More
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